The Beaches of St. Barth


It is no secret that St. Barth is one of my favourite places in the world. This tiny caribbean island is magical, luxurious, beautiful, and much more. I have no words to describe all my love to this island.

One of the reasons for this is because of the beautiful bounty beaches. This island has amazing beaches all around the island. The beaches are different and all unique in their own way – some are more quiet with almost no waves, some have huge waves, and some have middle sized waves and suitable for surfing.
I visit all the beaches but which one I go to depends on my mood.

Below are pictures from the different beaches so you know where to go when you come to St. Barth Next.

In my opinion, Gouverneur is my favourite beach. There is no better way to start the day than a morning swim at Gouverneur. 

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//Gouverneur 9082087a-9b8a-40fc-b13d-1a4e30a70303

//Gouverneur  66319f5c-ff72-49d8-b905-3dc5105b5cb9



//Saline fe920c40-1b17-4b4e-bdef-b727f8122e8f



//Lorient (also a surf beach)3eab2635-ab24-41bd-a50d-8a27c1571e73

//Shell beach


//Shell Beach357a5287-c9b7-4ab1-8eba-0b77cb35a97e




//St. Jean (where the famous Eden Rock hotel is located)cbde1676-e659-4c61-ac51-cf2fe58a272d

//St. Jean540ee95c-f7ab-4d23-a3d1-97fd2e389053

//St. Jean345fd761-82dd-4c44-ba4f-b0fd2ab8f652

//St. Jean (Nikki Beach is also located on St. Jean beach)c32b9b22-e67e-4285-b302-04315b036d8a

//St. Jean img_8787

//Toiny (I only come to Toiny beach for surfing)


Julie and the bounty beaches

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