Bioeffect volcanic skincare


My latest discovery of evolutionary skin care products is BIOEFFECT. Bioeffect originates from Iceland and is inspired by three scientists from Iceland. The ingredients in Bioeffect’s products are active and will make a difference on your skin. Bioeffect uses the term “EGF” for their products, or epidermal growth factor, which helps recover the skin and much more. BIOEFFECT‘s EGF is grown safe, and pure in a carbon emissions-free greenhouse in inert volcanic pumice. EGF application stimulates the body’s own skin cells to proliferate, increasing skin turnover and radiance while slowing the aging process. It boosts production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s bouncy scaffolding, increasing tone and elasticity. It boosts the skin’s capacity to store water and reduce water loss. The result is more hydrated and younger-looking skin. It is quite fascinating what can be created by nature. The fact that Bioeffect uses the volcanos in Iceland and combines it with science to create BIOEFFECT is quite something.
I have used BIOEFFECT‘s serum for face and body as well as their face scrub for some time now, and I am really amazed by the effect of the products.



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Julie Pallesen

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