How I will raise money for Gadens Born


I am SO happy and proud to announce that I am working on a charity project with the Danish fashion brand, Just Female in orde to raise money for Gadens Born.

First of all, I love the design and vision of Just Female and evenmore the people behind it, which is why I think we are a great fit.  Also, above I am wearing a Just Female sweater.

As you might have noticed, I am ambassador for the non-profit charity organisation, Gadens Born who helps children in India for a better life and I have decided to raise money for Gadens Born in a new and cool way, This Way 🙂 Read a bit more about Gadens Born here

A little bit about the project:
I have designed 3 t-shirts with different prints reflecting my travel univers. I cannot wait to show them to you but they are currently being produced. We will shoot campaign pictures with the t-shirt in June and when they are done, I can show them to you!!

The t-shirts will be produced by Just Female and will be sold in some physical stores as well as online on my Blog.

This is just a little teaser behind the project, but I will report about the whole process of this charity project on my blog. I hope you will support it, as it means the world to me!



This is the charity t-shirt that Gadens Born have made in order to raise money. 11088400_809122122504083_4168629209384547029_n1

Help me, help Indian children.


Julie Pallesen

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