Sundays in Fransa clothing


The Danish fashion and leisure brand, Fransa believes that women are to be feminine, and that has to be shown through clothing. Fransa fashion is both dailly-wear clothing as well as for when working out.


The way I use my items from the leisure wear collection, from Fransa is for when working out and for Sundays, when I relax. They have this (I am wearing above and below) jersey shorts and sweater, which is super comfortable for spring and summer time, to wear for a walk (especially if you have a dog, which is like 99% here in New York).

I think it is important to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, especially on Sundays. It is like an unwritten rule, that Sundays are more okay not to dress up and not to wear make-up. We recharge and reload for the next week and therefore we need to wear comfortable clothes… 






Wear Fransa


Julie Pallesen 

—This is a sponsored post made in collaboration with Fransa —

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