Bikini life St. Barth – where next?


For about one month ago I was on the Caribbean island, St. Barth. I got some great tan, practiced my surfing skills, and enjoyed time with my boyfriend and friends. The first thing I would do in the mornings would be to take on my bikini and take a swim in the pool. Getting your whole body under the water is the most refreshing way to wake up. I felt so alive and grateful – and I remember thinking “If I would be able to do this every morning, I would never be able to complain – this is paradise living!

Above I am wearing bikini from Tommy Hilfiger.

Since I was in St. Barth I have spent the most of my time in New York for modeling. However, I had a job in Helsinki and one in London during my time in New York. And now I am back in Copenhagen, leaving for London on Sunday and then to Portugal. I am going to surf in Peniche, Portugal. Here I will wake up every morning and take a swim in the sea, and I cannot wait to get back to the water.





All swimwear is from Tommy Hilfiger:

1: Striped bikini

Below are pictures from my mornings in St. Barth including the most delicious breakfast.


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‘Where are you travelling this summer? Any warm places?

Stay fresh and happy in a bikini


Julie Pallesen


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