Sunday Beauty Routine


Every Sunday I feel like recharging my body. I do not agree with people being all sad about Sundays, because then the weekend is almost over and you have to go back to real life the following day. No matter your opinion about Sundays, I think it is important to make every day the best day. Therefore I have transformed my Sundays into recharging home-spa-and-relaxing-days.

What I do: 
I like to take long baths, if I am in my apartment in London or in a hotel room with a bath tub, I would go in – and with a lot of foam. I would put my skin care products close to the bath tub or place them in the shower so I do not have to get out, I have learned my lesson (not doing that again). Meanwhile my electronic music play will play in the background and will do a little dance, if standing in the shower. Then I would apply BIOEFFECT scrub and gently massage it in to my skin. Then leave it on for some minutes while soaping in the rest of the body, before rinsing of the scrub. 
I can never lie in a bathtub for more than 15 min. I get restless, but it is worth it for the 15 min. 
Then will get out of the shower and apply the BIOEFFET body serum for the body and a few drops of BIOEFFECT serum for the face. Then I am all “serum’med-in” and ready to apply my nightcreme. 
If it is late on a Sunday evening and I am alone or with my boyfriend, then ideally, I would take on my bathrobe and watch TV-series until I fall asleep.

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This is my dream bathtub… hopefully one day…



Happy Sunday guys!


Julie Pallesen


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