Meet Senior International Press Officer at Asos, Jasmine Walker


Meet the lovely and stylish Senior International Press Officer at the worldwide e-commerce ASOS, Jasmine Walker. Jasmine is working in London at the ASOS headquarter when she is not traveling.
I met Jasmine in London during meetings and this girl is such sweetheart. She is a positive and smiley person but at the same time very ambitious and works hard to reach her goals.
To spread out some of her energy and tips, I have made a Q&A with this British darling, so you can get inspired by her, like I do.
Read the Q&A below with Jasmine about her motivation, life, and career:

  • Q: What is your currently project that you are working on?
    We’re just about to wrap up the ASOS AW17 press events! We are now on tour to showcase our new collection to press and influencers in Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark and I’m really excited to share with everyone the new ASOS trends they can expect to see next season.
  • Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
    I have always been interested in fashion and knew it was the industry I wanted to go into. I studied Fashion and Textile Management at university but most importantly, I interned A LOT! I gained a lot of experience through work placements at various PR agencies in London and New York and started at ASOS as International Press Assistant after I graduated in 2012. I have been at ASOS five years and am now Senior International Press Officer.
  • Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
    I didn’t exactly set specific goals at the beginning of my career as fashion is such a varied industry, I wanted to say yes to every opportunity I was given and see where it took me and find out which area I was most suited to. Now I set goals everyday, week, month and year to make sure I’m challenging myself and remaining focused – both in my personal and professional life!
  • Q: What inspires you in life?
    So many things! I’m always on Instagram and Pinterest seeking out interesting street style looks, interiors and recipe ideas. It’s easy to get inspiration working at ASOS – there’s such a creative atmosphere at the office and I have very fashionable colleagues. I also get to travel to Scandinavia with work where everyone and everything is so effortlessly cool , I hope I manage to absorb some of it while I’m out there!
Other than that, I’m constantly inspired by my mum for her strength and love and my husband for his unfaltering kindness and positivity.
  • Q: What motivates you?
    I like to have projects I work on in my personal life as well as in my job. My husband and I have just bought a flat so I’m very motivated to get it renovated and feeling like home!
  • Q: How do you take care of your body?
    I have always eaten healthily but have shamefully only just really started to invest in my body through fitness (I relied on youth and good luck until now!). I have recently discovered a love for yoga and feel like it takes care of both my body and my mind. I also try to eat healthily but allow myself treats now and again!
  • Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence?
    Champagne and crisps! For me it’s the ultimate culinary combination.
  • Q: What is your beauty secret/tip?
    Moisturise. My skin is quite dry so I need to keep it hydrated. I try to drink plenty of water and take a day off from make-up now and again to let my skin breathe. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream is a god-send for dehydrated skin.
  • Q: What is your next goal?
    Crow pose! I’m trying to nail some tricky yoga poses so I can show off on my next beach holiday.
Below are some of Jasmine’s favourite pieces on ASOS at the moment: (click on the picture to enter the ASOS site)


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Get inspired by stylish Jasmine Walker from ASOS like I do! 
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