What is your summer plans?


One of the most exciting things about summer is traveling. Summer holiday is like a big thing that everybody looks forward to.
I usually spend my summers in Europe where most of the cities transforms into exciting bikini hot spots. Italy, France, and Spain are my top 3 countries in Europe during the summer but I am always curious to try new places.

So where are you going this summer? And what can you recommend?

So far on my schedule, I have Ibiza for my birthday in June, St. Tropez in July, and then straight to Mykonos in August.Surprisingly enough, this will be my first tie to Mykonos. But Ibiza and St. Tropez is like my 10th time if not more.

(I know it is very normal to have one destination during a summer but due to my amazing friends and boyfriend who want to travel a lot, and this blog, I get to travel much more than average.) My life is one long journey, where I combine blogging and modeling.

But guys, I am curious to get some tips about new places. So feel free to email me or leave a comment about where you are going.

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This summer is going to be another fabulous summer!


Julie Pallesen

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