The white tee


Sometimes, the hardest thing is to find good basic items for your wardrobe. A white t-shirt is something I have a hard time finding. I mean, not just a “whatever” white tee, but a good quality and nice fitted t-shirt.
Finally, I found the one I am wearing from Brandy Melville and I love it. I have washed it more than 20 times and the fabric is not stiff or has lost its fit.
Below is a selection of my white t-shirt wishlist. I always need a white t-shirt and they are easy to style for day or evening outfits; you can literally wear everything with it. So no need to make it so complicated.. Get your white tee.


1: Mads Norgaard

2: Ganni


4: Munthe

5: Ganni 






Julie Pallesen

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