Surf beaches and restaurants in Peniche, Portugal


During my surf trip to Peniche, Portugal I explored the several beaches and restaurants. And I want to share my best experiences with you so if you come to Peniche, you know where to go.

First of all, I was staying at the Surfer’s Lodge Peniche, who had a restaurant which was great and tasty. They served salads, burgers, and pastas for both lunch and dinner. I loved their falafel salad (see picture above) and veggie burger (made on black beans).


Surfer’s Lodge Peniche was serving delicious espresso too (which is very important for me who is such a coffee addict).

//Surfer’s Lodge Peniche


//Surfer’s Lodge Peniche ab7fe98c-ea38-4356-91ae-d5ca9f4222ea

Republica Das Lagostas was my all time favourite restaurant as they were serving fresh fish. And they did not only have one or two different fresh fish to choose between, they had like 7 or 8 different fish. Their menu is very “fishy” so if you love fish like me, you will definitely love this place. The owner is a couple, a beautiful Russian woman and a Portuguese man, who really care about the restaurant. She told med that they care about serving “honest, clean food”, and that is really true. You can get lobster, sea bass, tuna, clams, etc. etc. all depending on what they could get fresh. And the food is literally insane (met mouth is running now, while writing this).

And besides the fresh fish they serve, they have an amazing chocolate cake (which you NEED to try, if you make it here)

//Republica Das Lagostas

//Republica Das Lagostas


//Sushi Fish


//Pro Fresco – is another great fish restaurant.


//Bar de Bruno – is a beach cafe serving breakfast and lunch. I went here for breakfast and I had an acai bowl, which I was quite excited about.


//Bar de Bruno 743807fd-cd33-442a-b3e0-6b89378e654e

Here I am with my dear surf partner, Sara (Healthy Skinny Bitch) and with our two surf trainers from the Surfers Lodge Peniche.

Our two instructors were amazing and skilled. They constantly gave us tips so we could improve our surf career (joking).

Every day we went to surf at a different beach, so we got to explore the beaches fo Peniche. Also I asked them about the beaches and which ones are the best so I could get some insight knowledge for this post.


The top six best beaches in Peniche are:

  • SuperTubos (where the World cup for surfing takes place every autumn)
  • Consolacao beach
  • Tupartur beach
  • Prainha beach
  • Cantinho da Baia
  • Bokaxika


img_5019 img_5214

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The beaches in Peniche. 


Julie Pallesen

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