Behind the scenes of my Maybelline shooting in Helsinki


I was so happy and grateful when I got asked to be in another Maybelline FitMe campaign. I did this campaign last year too where I was sent to New York Fashion Week with Maybelline where we shot FitMe foundation campaign. And this year it was the same campaign, just with new influencers.

This year the shooting took place in Helsinki, Finland, which I was quite excited about because I have never been to Helsinki. However, I had an overnight flight from New York to Helsinki and then I went straight to the location did the shooting and then straight back to the airport, and then to London. So I did not see much of Helsinki besides nature and buildings that were on the journey from Helsinki airport and the location, which was forest and grey weather.

However, the shooting was so much fun and the other influencers were positive and nice. Altogether we were 13 influencers from Scandinavia. Madeleine from Sweden, Salem from Sweden, and Linda from Finland and me representing Denmark were also on the shooting last year. The 9 other influencers were new members fo the Maybelline FitMe family.

I cannot wait to see the final result of this Maybelline campaign. We all did solo pictures (a beautiful and a funny one) and then we did a group picture. The setting for the group picture was the exact same as last year in New York; the couch, the ladders, and chairs.

Below are pictures from my day.
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img_2511 img_0496 a0834772-2835-4831-83c1-c8cbe805bb8f

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