Meet Edda P, Model and partner in the active wear brand Vyayama

My next inspirational woman, who I admire for her positive mind and hard work, is the Icelandic model and partner of the activewear brand, Vyayama, Edda Petursdottir.

I met Edda in New York in March when both waiting to go in for the same casting. We started chatting in the waiting room and her positive energy, laugh, and coolness, was something I noticed and loved about her.

Edda is 33 years old, and she has been living in NYC for 12 years. She has done shows for designers like; Oscar De la Renta, Diana Von Fustenberg, Zac Posen and so on. Furthermore, she was the face of Jcrew for years. She has shot billboard campaigns for Target, Amazon, Macys and she has also shot plenty of high fashion magazines throughout her career for magazines like V, Glamour, and Elle.
Besides her modeling she is also DJ’ing, which she started about 4 years ago. She is playing at places like Le Bain & Boom Boom Room, Sunset Beach/Shelter Island and many events in different countries.
And for about one year and a half ago she got involved with VYAYAMA.  
What stands out for VYAYAMA is their focus on offering an alternative to synthetic yoga clothes and more importantly our custom made Tencel fabrics.  All the garments are crafted in Europe from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, certified non-toxic and nonharmful to the skin. VYAYAMA was even chosen this year to be a part of the Material World campaign at Selfridges London so this was a big step for us. Our line is also available online of course and at an exclusive selection of stores like Equinox gym stores, Wolf&Badgers in NYC and Rev-N-Vert online.

Below is Edda’s background story and the Q&A I did with her about her life, career, and motivation.

I grew up dancing classical ballet and when I moved to NY so young I really missed it. But then I got introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with it. I had been practicing for 10 years when I decided I wanted to start my own yoga clothing line and create something fresh and more fashionable than the usual workout clothes, I wanted these pieces to be an extension to my classic NYC wardrobe.

That’s when I got introduced to Anette Cantagallo (VYAYAMA’s head designer) through a friend at a very early stage in VYA’s process. We hit it off from the start and decided to join forces. I loved Anette’s vision and how we can design sustainable, eco-friendly yoga wares with a feminine and elegant touch. You can still look pretty and trendy while you remain kind to the planet and more importantly to your skin and wellbeing. 

I didn’t realize before getting involved with Vyayama that all these years of doing yoga I had been wearing and sweating in toxic garments that don’t biodegrade! What a contradiction to try to something good for yourself but then you end up with the opposite results, it was time to merge how I felt inside and out.



Q: What is your current project that you are working on?
Our team is currently working on the Spring Summer 2018 collection. We are bringing in some color this time and some looser fits and flowy pieces so this is fresh and exciting for us. We are shooting our next campaign in July on the West Coast and I can’t wait t get the samples in and try them on. But before that of course, we have a new collection launching in August, bringing in amazing cupro leggings and tanks that our customers will love. The Campaign was shot in Iceland this time, my hometown, by my very talented friend Elisabet Davidsdottir, the photos are simply breathtaking.

Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
I guess the love of Yoga turned into a need for a healthy lifestyle, being a model and constantly traveling make you want to take care of yourself more and better, you try to stay fresh at all time. So It all kind of came naturally to me. Why not create work from what you love and are passioned about.

Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
Yes, I always tried to set goals and living in NY makes you very driven but life also takes you places and you should learn to adjust and go with the flow. Being a model for this many years, you kind of get used to a certain lifestyle of not knowing what you are doing 2 weeks in advance. But now that I have so many other things going on, I try to have more structure in my life.

Q: What inspires you in life?
The beautiful people I have been lucky to surround myself with, my family and friends of course. I also always need to be on the go, travel and see new things. Going to random new cities, on your own, can be tough but so inspiring at the same time. It pushes you to interact with strangers and gives you more chance to meet interesting people on the way that can teach you things, their culture, and vision.

Q: What motivates you?
Being healthy and kind to your body motivates me. I can feel a big difference when I take extra good care of my body, exercise, eat right and I also meditate. All these things made me a better person and contributed to a better living and I know we can share this with our customers, lead the way to a better and healthier lifestyle, in the end, we should feel responsible for ourself and our surroundings.

Q: How do you take care of your body?

I clearly do a lot of yoga! but I like to mix it up. Go for runs in the park or try a new exercise method. Now I’m into The Class by Tayron Toomey or I go to a random aerobic class where I get my sweat on! I’m also working on my surfing skills, not quite there yet but I’m not giving up.

Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence?
I love dark chocolate and Mexican food here and there. But my latest craving is dried mangoes. I eat it every night before I go to bed.

Q: What is your beauty secret/tip?
I do scrubs in the shower once a week. Then I do a charcoal peel mask on a regular basis too. It really takes out all that dirt that your skin gets from the city. I also use natural oils, serums, and creams with SPF. It helps my skin look fresh and glowing! I also love the pAra rejuvenating mist that I spray on my face right before I go to bed. It has lavender and mint and some eucalyptus and it makes me super relaxed.

Q: What is your next goal?
I’m trying to get more involved with yoga retreats now, planning one of a kind getaways around yoga. I have been teaching some private yoga classes and few events. But would love to combine my love for yoga, meeting new people and travel! kind of a dream plan I guess. 



Follow this cool cat and power woman Edda on Instagram here and her active wear brands, Vyayama here.


Get inspired by Edda P like I do!



Julie Pallesen 

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