Brain and body connection with Justin Gelband

I have discovered a new method of training, which took me some classes to really understand what it was about.

The superstar of a trainer, Justin Gelband (article here about Justin in Harpers Bazaar), who has trained a lot of the Victoria’s Secret Angels (my favourite, Candice Swanepoel, as one of them), trains the body in a different way than just smashing the body hard core, which I find is the tendency for a lot of trainers. But Justin believes in “Body Awareness”, which he describes as feeling your body while doing exercises. In his classes he says, “it is not about hitting hardest on the boxing bag, or kicking the leg up highest, it is about feeling the muscles in your body, when doing movements”.

I have taken his 1 hour classes which consists of a lot of different small movements but wearing ankle weights while doing all exercises. He focuses a lot on the “core” (which is the stomach) and how all movements shall come from the core. We do a lot of twist while holding small weights. He mixes up the classes with different equipments like a “stepping board”, boxing bag, two-and-two exercises etc.

Also, he always finished up his classes with a foam roller. Stretching is as important as training.

Justin works with a lot of the supermodels and sculpts their bodies. He says “you can transform the body exactly how you want it”.
Honestly, I did not join Justins classes because he is a supermodel trainer, but only because my friend persuaded me to attend a class. And after the first class, I was surprised by how little I was sweating. I could feel my body working in a completely different way, which I had a chat with Justin about after my first class.

Then he told me about how he believes in training the body and then I was hooked. I showed up for his class the following day and then with his vision in mind while training, everything made sense. Training is about a brain and body connection and not just smashing the treadmill and lifting weights.
I can already see a little transformation in my body on my legs and stomach. I will attend more of his classes next week and then let’s see what will happen.

Wearing sports outfit from Fransa.

Body Awareness!!



Julie Pallesen

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