The Modeling world

I will explain to you a bit about how the modeling industry works so you can get an understanding of this very hyped industry, which a lot of girls dreams to be a part of (including myself).

  • How it works:

To work as a model you need to have agencies representing you. The agencies then, sends your portfolio out to their clients, so the clients know that you exist and can see your pictures.

If the client is interested in you, then they might ask to see you for a casting or just book you straight.

But, very importantly, and the thing that to me is the hardest, is the fact that you always have an”option” before you get booked. This means, that your agency calls you and ask if you can do one particular job, if you say “yes” then you have an “option” for this job. When you have an “option” you don’t know how many other girls that have option too. So you have no clue if you are 1 out of 2 and there is a 50% chance that you will get the job or if there are 30 other girls who has option and then your chance is 3,3 %. Therefore I have tried to learn not getting my hopes up when I “just” have an “option”. But the good thing about getting “options” is the fact that clients are considering you and if you don’t get this job, you might get the next job they have.

Furthermore, the stressfull thing about “options” is that you a lot of times gets either dropped or confirmed for the job the day before or two days before, which makes planning your life is very hard.

And for a person like me who likes to keep myself busy 24/7 it was a bit hard for me in the beginning to live with, BUT I have found a way to be in it and understand the way this industry works. And with my blog and other projects that I am working on remotely, makes it easier, as I can be where ever and work. I don’t like to feel that I am wasting my time, and therefore being able to write a blog post, answer/send emails for blogging purposes, or catch up with friends and family are constantly things I am doing.

My modeling work determines where I am in the world, so if I have jobs in Barcelona, then I will be there, which is where I currently am. And August is a dead month in Europe for modeling work so I will be heading to New York and stay there for some months. Then I have signed with an agency in Paris, and they want me to come for a month to see clients, which I will do this fall.

So now you might understand a bit about my crazy traveling situation, where I am all over the world, but constantly working (even though it might look like I am on one long hiliday on my Instagram).

  • How to become a model:

If you want to be a model, you need to visit some agencies in your hometown or nearest bigger city.

A lot of the agencies host a yearly modeling competition, which is a good way to get in. Also, all agencies have one day a week for a few hours where new models can show up and see if they could be potential.

If you visit agencies, I highly recommend you to visit several agencies, because the relation you have with the agency is everything. Think about that if you sign with them, they will act as your booker and if you don’t really like their attitude etc. etc. then you should not sign with them. Feel your gut feeling.

I have experienced being with agencies which was fine in the beginning but then while working with them, too many issues came up. And every time I visited them, I didn’t feel good, so I resigned.

Therefore, it is important to be with agencies you feel good about and that treat you good. But it is a two way relation, if you want them to be nice to you, you also have to be a good example yourself. And your responsibility is to always show up on time (preferably a bit early), look good, be fit, take care of your skin, hair, nails, wear nicely fitted close, etc.
Below are the agencies that I am currently signed with around the world.

Scoop Models in Denmark (link here) are my mother agency.

Then I have Ice models in Germany, Premier Model Management in London, Karin Models in Paris, Fleming Models in Barcelona, Avenue models in Sweden, and Q Models in New York.



Q Models New York 

Avenue Models Sweden

Karin Models in Paris

Premier Models in London

Ice Models in Germany



Julie Pallesen


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