Summer holiday workout exercises

When being on summer holiday, you don’t need to become completely out of shape and get loose. I mean, you shall enjoy your vacation with sweets, drinks, etc. but then you still have the opportunity to spend 30 min. a day to do a little workout at the hotel, house, boat, or wherever you stay. You can always find a park or a parking place to show the public some moves. You can even bring your sister, friend, mother, or whoever you are traveling with to join you to make it more fun.

So being on vacation (to me) means enjoying time with the people you are traveling with but also keeping up with your shape. You don’t need to process your personal records in sprints or numbers of push-ups, but you can still push yourself to the limit where you feel it burns.

I prefer to work out between breakfast and lunch, then I feel amazing in my body for a long lunch and don’t need to stress more about getting it done.
So guys, here are some of the exercises that I do, which I have found in this month of Cosmopolitan UK:
Do 5 rounds of these exercises which focus on your core and you will feel amazing – I promise you. You can thank me later 😉


Julie Pallesen

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