Fit living cover girl

I am happy and proud to be on the cover of this month’s Fit Living magazine in Denmark. 

The shooting took place in Copenhagen in mid-June and the location was in Copenhagen, more precisely Nordhavn on a very windy day. 

Dennis Stennild is the fabulous photographer behind the shoot and he was really nice and easy to work with. The shooting took only 2 hours from hair and make-up until I was back again home. 

I like the final result, which is very natural, soft, but still sporty. 

Inside the magazine there is a one-page interview with me about how I keep myself healthy and fit (which is also below).

So if you are a Dane, then go to your nearest magazine-pusher and get Fit living and please do an instasnap and tag me so I can see it (I know it’s very straight up to say, but I am a very straight up person)…. 

Get fit with me in Fit Living DK. 


Julie Pallesen 

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