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Not to brag, but people often ask me about my skincare routine because they think I have beautiful skin. And to be honest, I take really good care of it. I have been writing about my obsession with beauty products many times, and I will do it now, and again very soon. I love the fact that you can use skin care products to prevent and protect your skin from the toxic lifestyle that we have.
For me, I take great care of my skin because I love to not being scared of people seeing me without make-up, and I want to feel good when I am “nude” and going to the gym, going to grab a coffee in the mornings, or heading for a photoshoot. I am not saying that I do not like to wear make-up, because I do, but I only wear very little. On the picture above, I am only wearing blush, which I use for my cheeks, a little bit on my forehead and chin, and a tiny bit on my eyes to give them some depth.
Having a soft, flawless, and shiny skin is my ultimate skincare goal.
And I like to explore and test new products but I also like to stick with the products that I have found out are effective.
Below is a list of my skincare products which are in my bathroom in New York at the moment.

Natura Bisse Tolerance Cleanser – I got this cleanser recommended because it balances your skin especially when traveling a lot in different countries with different time zones, weather conditions etc. It deep cleanses your skin and leaves it soft after. Below is a 3-step guide of how to cleanse. 



Papaya Body Lotion from Mario Badescu at Beauty Hero – Contains shea butter and leaves your skin smooth and shiny.

Raaw in a Jaar Plankton Enzyme creme – is an organic creme with with seaweed and algae extracts, which is natural active ingredients for your skin. Furthermore the creme is composed of plankton which has an anti-aging, nourishing, and tightening effect.

Raaw in a Jaar Laminaria eye creme – is an organic algae-infused creme which reduces dark circles and puffiness. The creme is very smooth and easy to apply. I use it mornings and evenings.


Tromborg Parfume “Mallumo” :  I am currently obsessed with this Parfume which has notes of wood. 

Peptide Renewal Serum from Mario Badescu at Beauty Hero. I use this serum before applying my day cream. I only use 3 drops and then massage it into my skin. The serum lasts for many months so don’t be scared of the price, see it as an investment.



Julie Pallesen


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