I really want you to read this post as I am very proud of my first charity project. I have been posting before about how I want to raise money for the non-proir charity organisation Gadens Børn (link to post here).  And now the pictures of me in my charity t-shirt collection is finally here and ready for you to see.

Here is a little bit more about the project I have made in collaboration with Just Female:

Our Story:
This t-shirt is made with love and care by the digital influencer, Julie Pallesen, This Way, and Just Female. This collection is created with the aim of supporting the charity organisation, Gadens Børn, which Julie is ambassador of. 

The designs of the t-shirt collection are captured from This Way’s travels around the world where 3 different traveling moods are presented; sun, snow, and skyline.
Clothes reflects our mood and likewise does our traveling destinations – so what is your traveling mood?

Your Support: Gadens Børn is a non-profit charity organisation helping children in Kolkata, India for a better quality of life. When purchasing one t-shirt you donate Gadens Børn with 30 DKK. 


The t-shirts will be available in November but you can sign up for the t-shirts now, so you will be one of the first ones receiving it. If you want to sign up for a t-shirt, simply email: contact@thiswaybypallesen@gmail.com and write which t-shirt (Sun, Snow, or Skyline), the size, and your name and address.
When the t-shirt are available in November I will then send you a link for purchase information.

I hope you will support me in my first charity project for Gadens Børn.

//SNOW – photo by me shot in St. Moritz 

//SKYLINE – photo by me shot in New York City

//SUN – photo by me shot in Miami Beach

//The back of the t-shirt with Gadens Børn logo.


Help me help the kids on the street in Kolkata. 



Julie Pallesen

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