Back in the city

I am currently back in the big city, New York City, where I am modeling. I am going to castings almost everyday with the aim of getting booked for jobs. So far, I have got some jobs and I have some more jobs booked in the next weeks, so that is good.
Modeling in New York City is a different game than Europe because the industry here is so big, which means that there are much more jobs to be casted for.
When I am not going to castings or on jobs I have meetings for my blog or work on my computer somewhere. At this very moment, I am sitting in Joe & The Juice on Spring Street with a “Young Blood” juice with spinach and ginger and an espresso. This is my go-to spot and I come here almost every day, sometimes in the morning and other times during daytime.

Moreover, I workout 5-6 times a week when I am in New York, which is more than I usually do. But because the offering of workout places is tremendous, I feel like working out all the time. I vary my workouts but do mostly: boxing sessions, yoga, barry’s bootcamp and reformer pilates.



New York City, I love you!



Julie Pallesen

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