St. Barth House


It is like a dream coming true… My boyfriend and I are planning to buy a house here in my favourite caribbean island, St. Barth. We want to build, re-do our own house. It is going to be over the top. Then we can spend even more time in this paradise island than we are already doing.

I am not a big fan of living in cold cities during winter months as my body freezes like s***. I mean, I like cold cities for a week or two, but to live for 4 months in a minus celcius degrees cities is hard for me. My brain and mindset cannot function properly. I know it sounds weird and you can think “Yeah girl, we all want to be in the caribbean for winters”… But I have a serious issue… Now I said it. It is out now.

So for the past years I have tried to figure out where to go for winter months. I have tried to plan how I can work in warmer destinations from January to March. So now, with our plan to get a house in the Caribbean, my fear of being stuck in a frozen city get’s solved… In a very privileged and dreamy way.

I went to St. Barth for a four day trip to visit houses, speak to architects etc. etc. It is always a bigger process than I imagined in first place.

But patience… Patience… – I say to myself. 


Below are pictures from my trip:


Bye for now… And see you soon St. Barth.


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 




  1. 9. September 2017

    Bonjour Julie
    I read this post from 6 September and share your love for and desire to reside in St Barts. My wife and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary there. But now Irma has impacted this paradise so dramatically. It’s unimaginable.
    I am a licensed builder and wholesale distributor of building materials manufactured in the US and Canada. Wood Siding, plank Flooring, trusses and panelized homes.
    I was just looking to retire there but now feel compelled to be part of the rebuilding. If you have any relationships with architects or builders please feel free to share my info. In the meantime we pray for the islanders and wish you the best in your dream of a home on St Barts. Erick and Lana from Michigan

    • 9. September 2017
      This Way

      Dear Erick,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is so so awful what has happened to the island.
      I will see if I can connect you with anyone of the island.
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts and good luck with everything.

      All the best,

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