Benefits of boxing


Why is boxing so popular and has been for the past couple of years?! – If you ask yourself this question then my answer would be that it is because you have not tried it right an appropriate teacher for you.
I have been boxing for more than 3 years now, on and off. And I am not good, but I progress, which is the most important when training.

Many models, celebrities, high-end profiles/whatever you will call them, are boxing. Before I began my boxing practise, I remember seeing the Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima, smashing it in the boxing ring. I thought that was pretty cool! Especially because I thought that practising boxing would make you big and bulky – but Adriana proved me wrong.

During my years of boxing I can see a positive difference in my body – much leaner and toned. Also, the training is fun and it really makes you think and sweat.

Below are five reasons why you should box:

  • For conditioning: your condition will increase and likewise will your metabolism
  • To stimulate your brain: Boxing is highly about coordination with your hands, head, and feet.
  • Increase your strength: All the pushes builds up strength in both your arms, stomach, and legs.
  • Decreased stress: It has been scientifically proven that intensive physical activity will increase endorphins, boost your mood, and improve your sleep, all of which help reduce our stress level.
  • Burn calories: during a boxing class your body will work hard, your will feel your heart rate pumping, and you will burn does calories.

I hope I got you motivated to try or go back to a boxing session. There are amazing boxing places around the world. I have tried many of them, and some are better than others, but my advice is to find a teacher you find suitable for you.

If you can recommend any good boxing places, let me know – anywhere in the world.

And if you look for advice, feel free to reach out.



Hit it hard!


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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