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Hi guys, this is a different kind of blog post because all the content is based upon your request.

For the first time, I posted on my instagram story that you could come up with questions about my diet. I got 54 questions and a lot of them were the same, which I found quite funny.
But below are all the questions answered and a lot of the questions are melted together with other questions that were similar.
If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to reach out.

Below are questions about how I to stay and eat healthy, and my workouts.

  • “I suffer from allergies and I have difficulties with eating healthy abroad especially in non English speaking countries – do you have any tips to overcome this”?
    Myself, I am lactose intolerant so I stay away from dairy, which can be quite difficult sometimes.
    My advice to you is to plan your schedule or take action when you are planning to go out and eat. So instead of your friend or work is suggestion where to go and eat then you should be the one taken charge or coming with suggestions for places where you know you can choose something delicious without compromising on your allergies.
    Go online and explore restaurants in the city that you are in, and check out menus so you are prepared for next time you want to go out. There is nothing more annoying than sitting somewhere where you cannot eat anything on the menu or you have to order something but changing half of the ingredients. So my advice to you is to be active and taken charge when it comes to restaurants. And don’t think that this is something annoying and “I cannot bother to do this Julie”, you have to be opposite. Be encouraging and interested in knowing restaurants and exploring menus and getting inspired for recipes and so:) I hope this will help you.
  • I live in New York and I find it hard to get healthy snaks or/and meal replacements? 
    First of all, I have to say, that I completely understand what you are coming from. I am a person who love to snack. Usually, I always have one or two snacks in my bag, but in New York I also find it hard because many of their snacks are not healthy.
    But this does not mean that it is not possible! Once a week I go to either Whole Foods or an organic deli and explore their selection of healthy snacks. I have found dried fruit (apricot, bananas, mango), fresh fruit (It is a luxury that they have cut out mango, melon, and watermelon in boxes), veggies (carrots, mini pepper bell) small bags of nuts (I like to mix myself), raw chocolate (I love chocolate and they have some brands who does chocolate without sugar), banana bread, coconut water, or a fresh juice. These are probably my favourite snacks I just mentioned.
    And these snacks are also what I am eating when I am “on the go” and being healthy but also keeping my sugar level up if it suddenly drops.
  • Do you have any tips on staying healthy while traveling a lot?
    My answer to this will be the same as the one above. It is important that you plan your day or week ahead. Especially for a person like me, where the schedule changes a lot. I prefer having my own snacks and food on my flight then eating what is served in the cantina, job, or flight. So planning your day is necessary, which is why I have tried to make it a cute and fun thing to go and do my weekly “snack” shopping. Find your local organic healthy shop where you explore their snack selection and then make it a routine.
  • I am living in the US for 1 year because of studies and I do not have the time to train anymore, but I do not want to gain weight. What would you recommend for a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I do not have the time to workout?
    First, amazing that you have taken the step and are studying in the US.
    One thing is, that about 85 % of how you look is what you eat and the last 15 % can be adjusted by training. This means that the dominant part that effect how you look is what you put in your mouth. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you cannot workout if it is only a question of not gaining weight.
    I would suggest to eat as clean and lean as you can (especially because in the most places in US the add a lot of preservatives and other chemicals to the food, which can give you bloated stomach).
    Breakfast: Eat fruits, eggs (either omelet or boiled eggs) with a side of veggies. Or you can make a thick smoothie with banana, berries, spinach and coconut water or milk.
    Lunch: Eat a filling salad with lentils, quinoa, chicken, salmon, veggies, spinach, or so. Try to think about the dressing you add to your salads as this can be a source to a lot of calories without really knowing it – maybe stick to balsamic and olive oil with and some spices.
    Dinner: Eat protein with veggies; fish or meat with veggies.

    Try not to eat too many nuts or snacks as this is a major source to calories, so maybe try to stick to your 3 meals a day and then only snack veggies or crackers.
    This will be my advice to you 🙂 and if you can squeeze in a workout or two every week that would be beneficial for your energy and motivation. I remember how workout out gave me a lot of new and fresh energy for my studies.

  • Where do you go and eat in New York to be healthy?
    In the beginning when spending time in New York, I thought it was “so easy” to eat healthy in New York because there is so many “healthy delicious” places. And after spending several months in the city I found out that is not completely true.
    Let’s go back to the fact that New York City has healthy cafés in almost every street but the fact is that a lot of the food in the US is processed and filled with chemicals which makes the food not as organic and healthy that I thought it was. Due to that, my stomach can be bloated after eating a green salad, which would never happen in Europe. I am use to feeling a big more bloated after eating a lot of pizza, pastas, and cakes but in New York I feel bloated and uncomfortable very very often.
    Because of this, I was starting to choose the places I went to eat more careful. I tried to chose cafés that I thought had better quality of food, or was fairtrade, or serving clean food.
    So to answer you question, I go to places like “Two Hands”, “Jack’s Wife Freda”, “Little Prince”, or something like these places, or I go to more exclusive restaurants for dinners and try to eat as clean as possible.
    Or I go to Whole Foods, or small organic stores for grocery shopping, which I find very good.
    My only advice to you is, to try to stay away from everything with wheat! Wheat is processed in a completely different way than in Europe, and the way they do it in the US is very harsh for the stomach and makes my stomach feel really bad. Of course, I do not know if this happens to everyone, but I have spoken to a lot of people in New York, and they agree with me.
    I hope this can help you a little bit.
  • What kind of food to you avoid in general in relation to training and health?
    In general, I try to avoid sugar and wheat. I know these to are demons to your body but at the same time they are also very hard to avoid.
    But when I am really good because I avoided sugar and wheat for some days, I can see and feel that my body loves it, so if you can, this will change your life.
    If you ate use to eating a lot of sugar, the first days without sugar will be hard, but after 6 days, you are on the other side and can start enjoying not eating sugar.
    But besides sugar and wheat, I don’t have other food items that I avoid. I just try not to eat one or two hours before my training because that is not pleasant for me, but always eating straight after training:)
  • Do you eat organic? And if yes, how big percentages do you eat organic? and If not, why?
    I try to eat as organic as I can, but it can be very difficult for me, because I eat out all the time. I wish I was making more food at home, but I just don’t – not right now at least. I love to go out for lunches and dinners and I try to choose a fairly healthy place, or a place where I at least can get a fish with veggies.
    But every time I go to a grocery, I always get organic, but that is mostly for snacks or an easy meal. So if I could choose more restaurants with organic food, I would do so. But I do not find a lot of restaurants promoting that they are organic, which most likely is because they are not. So hopefully in the near future there will be more restaurants serving organic food.
  • Do you have an eating disorder? If yes, for how long? And does it relate to the modeling career?
    No, I do not have an eating disorder and I have never had one. I know I am a small size, which is because of my genes and healthy lifestyle. When I was younger (from 14-18) years old), I never thought about what I ate. Because at this time, I was a professional dancer, and I was dancing 5 days a week and eating everything I wanted. I ate a lot of candy, croissants, bread, and whatever was in front of me. I have always been into sport, which I believe gave me a healthy view on the body.
    But when getting into the modelling industry at the age of 18, my mind and view on the body changes. I understand why a lot of models think about being skinny, but the fact is, that being skinny and only eating miso soup or pineapple does not equal happiness. What makes me happy is to be social and being with people I love. And when I am out and I have late dinners, I eat and drink, and that makes me happy. But I also have the discipline to wake up the next day and go to the gym and eat a healthy breakfast instead of not doing that and then probably gain weight. Therefore it is important to find the balance and not being extreme. And finding the balance means doing everything in moderation; drink, eat chocolate, eat burger, eat veggies, eat fish, eat pasta, eat fruit, but don’t choose one of them – do all of them but not everyday and not twice a day.
    I hope this answered your question.
  • Do you think about what you eat every day?
    Yes, I think about what I eat but I don’t think about it to control it. I think about what I eat in order to find the balance. If I have eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch, then I treat myself with something sweet after or wine during dinner etc. I am not fanatic and I do not want to be, so everything in moderation is what I believe lasts in the long run.
  • How much coffee do you drink? And do you think it is bad for you?
    Thanks for this question 🙂 I love coffee, and i drink it everyday. It is the first thing I drink in the morning and I drink 2-3 coffees a day. I usually have two coffees in the morning and then one after lunch.
    I have read a lot of studies saying that coffee is beneficial for your body. But every time I read about a cleanse or meet a person who is on or have done a cleanse, then coffee is never included in the cleanse. I don’t know if that is because coffee is not good for the cleanse or for your body?! But, I love coffee, and nothing and nobody will take that away from me 🙂
  • Do you eat sweets?
    Yes, I eat sweets. I eat chocolate and cake. These are like my two favourite treats. And I probably eat chocolate everyday. I like dark chocolate and I try to find a sugar free / raw version.
  • Do you eat junkfood?
    No I do not eat junk food. The thought about filling up my body with junk food makes me sick. You would have to pay me to eat junk (joking – but you get the point)
  • Foodwise; How does a normal day look like?
    For breakfast I usually have two coffees, fresh fruit, and some eggs (either omelet or hard boiled eggs) and maybe some avocado on the side if possible.
    Then for lunch I would have a salad with veggies and protein (either fish or meat). Then I would have another coffee after lunch and with a piece of cake or some chocolate.
    I might also eat some nuts as snacks in the afternoon.
    And for dinner I would eat a burger, fish or meat with veggies or sweet potato fries.
    This is like a regular day for me. The only think I do not eat is pork and beef, because I find it hard for my stomach to digest. And then I try to stay away for sugar and wheat as much as I can. But besides that, I pretty much eat everything, but I love veggies and fruit.
  • How much do you train and what?
    I train a lot. I train 4-5 times a week and I combine cardio training with yoga. I like to workout and I really enjoy working out. I love the feeling I get after workouts and I love sweating while working out. I think it is cool to work out hard at the gym and make an effort for your body and health.
    I usually workout in the afternoons or evenings because I am not a morning person, so waking up and going straight to the gym is something that happens very rare.
    But I like to practice yoga, boxing, reformer pilates (especially in New York because they have amazing studios), and then cardio workout classes (like Barry’s Bootcamp style) where you combine running on treadmill with weight and/or strengthening exercises.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay fit and stay healthy.


Big love and safe travels
Julie Pallesen


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