Chinese Fashion night in London with SGC

I am a part of a secret wine club, SGC Wine Club (Secret Grand Cru), who does amazing events around the world. I cannot say too much about it, as it is a secret club, but if you are into exclusive wine, read more here. 

The latest dinner event SGC hosted was in London, and the theme was Chinese. The event started out with all the women were invited for hair and make-up at DryBy salon in London. Here everything from champagne, chocolate, and accessories for your outfits were for you to choose.
I have found my Chinese inspired dress on (Asos always saves me). Together with my dress, I grabbed my long Chanel leather boots and my Dior bag (which I have got from my grandmother, who is the person I have got my expensive taste from),
At 5PM I went to Dryby London where I got my hair done. Thereafter I got my make-up done. I only wanted eyeliner, mascara, and red lips, so I could keep a simple beauty look.
At 7PM we went for the SGC dinner which was hosted at Park Chinois Restaurant in London. The evening was absolutely amazing. Everything was taken care of so you could just sit and enjoy the wine, dinner, speeches, and entertainment. I finished the night with a lot of dancing…… and the next thing I remember is lying in my bed.

Below are pictures from this magical night.


Thank you for another magical night SGC. I look forward to the next events coming up. 


xx and safe travels

Julie Pallesen 

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