Maybelline Fit Me step by step

This post is made in collaboration with Maybelline

I am proud to be one of the faces of the new Maybelline Fit Me Campaign.

I went to Helsinki in spring 2017 to shoot the campaign and now the campaign and product line is finally out. I have been waiting for this for a half year now!

I was so honoured and happy to be asked to be a part of the Fit Me Family. Maybelline is such a cool, young, and fun make-up brand which I have used since I was a little girl and started exploring what make-up was. So it was like a girl dream coming true!

The new Maybelline Fit Me collection consists of 8 new foundation shades, which now make a total of 16 foundations in the Fit Me Family.

My foundation is nr. 332 named  “Golden Caramel”, which is the shade I represent in the Nordic countries.
When you want to find your shade, you need to test the color on your hand before, so you can see if it matches your skincolor when you smoothen it out.
Luckily for me, I did not have to test this, due to the Maybelline make-up artists who were present at the Maybelline photoshoot helped me with this. They tried different shades in order to figure out which one matches me. I saw that first tried with the shade that they bye the eye thought matched best, but then after trying on my skin, they find out that another shade was more appropriate for me.

My make-up routine and look is very easy and light. I prefer a natural make-up look so my eyes, lips, and cheeks gets the focus. The Fit Me foundation is very light and easy to use. After applying my day creme, I apply spots of the foundation to my face; forehead, cheeks, and nose. Then I smoothen it out using my fingers. I think it is easy and gives the best result when I use my fingers. The texture of the foundation is light but if I prefer a heavier look or want to cover some bums, then I just add some more foundation. Another very important factor is to remember to cover the neck, so you make sure you do not get any lines of difference in skin tones.

Below are pictures of me applying my Golden Caramel 332 foundation step by step.

Step 1: Find your Fit Me Shade

Step 2: Add dots of the Fit Me foundation on clean skin. 

Step 3: Smoothen is out with your fingers

Step 4: And done! 

My Fit Me look!


Thanks Maybelline for choosing as your Golden Caramel shade in your Fit Me collection.



Julie Pallesen 

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