My Weleda Sunday essentials in Paris

I love spending time and effort on my skin and beauty, which you might already have noticed. 
I made beauty a big part of both my evening and morning routines and I can see a tremendous improvement on my skin in the periods when I invest time to take care of it. 
Yesterday during work, one of my clients asked me whether I was 20 years old ; I believe it is a great compliment given that I am 26!
Since I was 13, I have been using skincare products and today, 13 years later, I use a wide range of cosmetics such as masks, scrubs, serums and eye creams. I believe it is important that when you start investing into skincare products you don’t go big at first ; you need to develop and must not overcome your routine! My recommendation for you is to start off with basic night cremes, cleansers, tonics and then expand your selection, and hence your routine, gradually.
On Sundays, I often make that extra effort on my skin to give my face and body extra love and glow. The newest products in my collection are from Weleda, a brand that makes great and clean products and I just love their thickness and smell. Weleda’s “Wild Rose” line is simply amazing, I use their eye creme, body lotion, oil and face oil. 
The products are shown below.




From Paris with Love!



Julie Pallesen


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