Safe Travels with Weleda

I am constantly on flights. I always bring some beauty items with me so that I can look as fresh and splendid as possible when I get out of the planes.

To give you an example of how much time I spend in the air, I have been on 12 flights in the past month and I will have even more in the upcoming months.

Okay, so now you may ask how I can prepare my skin for this.

I have a good moisturizing hand cream to keep my hands and arms glowing.

The hand cream that I use nowadays is the “Sea Buckthorn” Hand Cream from Weleda.

Furthermore, whenever I go on board on an aircraft, I always apply my face cream. If I have a long trip which is longer than 5 hours, I use this cream twice a day.

The air during flights is always very dry and I can feel its effects on my skin immediately, my skin instantly becomes irritated and whitey.

To prevent this from happening, I use “Skin Food” Face Cream from Weleda.

Finally, Eye Cream is a must! The eyes are the most delicate area, which means they need extra love and care. I apply eye cream once when I get comfortable in my seat, and then again just before my flight ends.

The eye cream I use is the “Wild Rose” Eye Cream from Weleda.

Now, you are ready to take off and look luminous.

Xx and Safe Travels, 

Julie Pallesen

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