Sunday’s in Fransa Fashion


What is it about Sunday’s ? What is this special feeling in our heads that screams “IT IS SUNDAY” ?!
Do you know this feeling ? Do you also have the same ?

I enjoy every day of the week, also Sundays. Not just because Sunday is the “lazy day of the week” but because it is the day I dedicate to restore. I am planning my new projects ahead, answering a lot of emails so I feel ahead of everybody who is just working from Monday to Friday.
In addition, I have time to workout and I make my famous Sunday Beauty Routine as well which you might have already read about.
Sundays have a a different meaning in different countries but I stick to the Northern European tradition : Sundays are made to relax and restore.
However, as this fashion-enthusiastic as I am, I always think about the perfect Sunday outfits.
My brand new outfit which I am obsessed with has two main pieces. A black velvet pant and a sweater from Fransa Fashion. This whole outfit is not just soft but soft in a way that you can rarely experience.
On top of that, I wear this outfit both in the inside and on the outside. I don’t really care about other people opinion when it comes to my style and taste. I dare to be different. If I think something is cool, I feel confident enough to wear it even if it is extravagant.

And I think my black velvet outfit is cool 🙂

What is your favorite Sunday outfit ?

xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 




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