The big YES to love! 

This post is not related to travels like all my other posts. But I think love deserves one post, just because I am full of ecstatic powerful love….

I usually don’t go into details about my private life but this one time, I will share a little insight of my happiness and love.
So it happened. Without me expecting it or having a clue about it.

On last Saturday I got engaged. It happened in Copenhagen together with friends and family. It was surreal because it was so beautiful an quite at the same time.

And when I saw the ring and was asked to be forever together, my heart melted even more than usual and my eyes got wet.

After getting the ring on my left ring finger, I felt this complete feeling of happiness, love, and belongingness to that one person. I can’t explain how fantastic this feeling is – it just is surreal and amazing. Engagement is giving yourself and choosing the one person you want to spend your life with. And when you have found that one person and get engaged, you feel this calmness of happiness and love, because now you have made your decision and can focus on developing that.
Now, 10 days later of my engagement, I still have butterflies in my stomach and I know we are meant to be for each other. This couldn’t feel more right.

Big love from the happiest Julie 

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