Behind the Scenes of Zalando Christmas Campaign

You will very soon see me talking about Christmas on social media of Zalando and also on my own Instagram.
Earlier this month in Copenhagen, I shot the Christmas campaign of the cool e-commerce Zalando together with other talented influencers from Scandinavia.
Altogether we were 18 influencers from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. We had a dinner at Aamann’s restaurant the evening before the shooting, which was lovely because then I got to meet my two fellow influencers from Denmark who I then shot the Christmas campaign with.
Us 18 influencers got divided into groups of 3 people. And every group was from the same country.
In the video we talk about Christmas traditions; everything from food to how we organise our Christmas gift hunt etc.
My team consisted of the funny Kristian Brandt and the stylish Sophia Roe. We had a deep and funny conversation about Christmas and it felt very natural to talk even though the room was filled with cameras and people.
Besides the video together with Sophia and Kristian, we also did individual videos. So you will find one video of me talking about how organised I am with Christmas 😉 Yes, you should already know me by now. I am an organiser! I make lists about everything, and there is no exception when it comes to Christmas. I also do a Christmas dinner for my girlfriends on the early days up to Christmas and I sent out the invites in October. But I will not tell everything here, just wait for the video…

Below are some pictures from the shooting, and of course everything we are wearing is from Zalando.

I am sitting a bit like Dr. Phil, ready to talk about Christmas with Sophia and Kristian.


//This is me talking…

//This is me listening…

//Me smiling…. (this is my very honest smile)

Below are pictures from the make-up and waiting room before shooting..

The talented Anne Staunsager doing my hair. 

I always bring my laptop with me so I can work if there is any waiting time, which there usually always is!

My Zalando outfit 

I cannot wait to share the Zalando Christmas Videos with you guys….


And Merry Christmas


Julie Pallesen 

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