Kimono and prints in Thailand with Dea Kudibal

I am all about colours, prints, and boho-chic style. And during my time in Thailand, I can truly explore my style. The Danish brand, Dea Kudibal makes fabulous prints in soft materials. They make everything from shirts to dresses and to kimonos. I wear kimono with a bikini, or over a dress or shorts and tops. A kimono makes the outfit more smooth and sexy.

Maybe you should get your own kimono for your next tropical vacation.

In my favourite printed kimono!


Or choose a flower printed outfit, like me. This is my flower printed matching shirt and pants from Dea Kudibal. 

Prints and love from Thailand!

Xx and safe travels 

Julie Pallesen







  1. 29. November 2017

    Beautiful 💫💖

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