Advents give-away during December

Hi guys,

Are you ready for another year of advent give-aways?

I love the month of December because of many reasons but mainly because of the cosy vibe and beautiful decorations all other. Chanukkah and Christmas is also something I celebrate which means giving and receiving presents.

When I was a little girl my mother would give me advent presents too. I would receive one present every Sunday in December and I was so excited for this, I remember (but I mean, who is not excited for presents;)

The past years I have made advent presents for my boyfriend (now fiancé), and I will also be doing it this year. I really enjoy giving him presents, and make him extra happy.

So to share my excitement for my tradition of advent presents, I have created a advent present give away on my blog. Every Wednesday I will reveal the present that I will be giving away on the following Sunday.

And I have to be honest and say that the presents are quite amazing!!!

Rodial skincare, Maria Black jewellery, Rituals, and Nomenclature parfumes.


See Below the presents and you can now sign up for the 1. advents give away.

You only have to sign up by clicking here. – the icon is on the front page of my website!






  1. Advent give away: Le Bon Toothpaste and Nomenclature parfum called, “molekyle”. 

2. Advent give away is a gift box from Rituals “Sakura relaxing Ritual”


3. Advent give away is a necklace form Maria Black Jewellery. 


4. Advent give away is skincare products from Rodial in the “dragon’s blood” line. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah

Xx Julie Pallesen




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