Soft Pink bags and Statement earrings on my Christmas Wishlist

The two main things on my Christmas wishlist (besides experiences) are soft pink bags and statement earrings.

All items are in the more expensive price category, so I know I cannot expect these items from anybody, but I believe it is okay to dream šŸ™‚

This list is to Santa….

1.Ā Ā Isabel MarantĀ Earrings

2. Saskia DiezĀ earringsĀ from Net-a-porter

3. Dolce Gabbana leather tote bag

4. Isabel MarantĀ EarringsĀ 

5. Tom Ford bag

6. Anissa KermicheĀ earringsĀ 

7. Bottega Veneta bag

8. Maria Black diamond hoop earring

9. Kara shopper bag on Net-a-porter

10. Isabel MarantĀ earringsĀ 




Julie PallesenĀ 

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