Fish oil trial with Seven Seas

I have now completed a 3 months long testing of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength StrengthCapsules.

I did this post (link) before I started on the Seven Seas supplements and I was very curious to see how my body would react after treatment.


First of all, I have to highlight: remember to take it easy. For me, the supplements became an integrated part of my daily routine and I took them with one of my 3 daily meals. I cannot take supplements only with water so I decided to take them with food. Even with all my traveling, it is easy to carry the supplements in my hand luggage.

Seven Seas points out how important the Omega-3 rich diet is. Seven Seas offers a variety of supplements but this collaboration is focused on Omega-3, a substance naturally found in cod liver oil. Cod liver oil also has a rich source of Vitamin D that supports the bones, the brain and heart function and the immune system. When I got to know how beneficial Omega-3 was, there was no excuse why I wouldn’t take these supplements.

The procedure for measuring the Omega-3 level is through a blood test.

I received a home kit blood test, which sounds way scarier than it actually is. I used the little grey and purple colored needle, pressed it against my index finger and clicked the purple area on the needle: “click!” Thereafter, my blood was slowly dripping. I had a hard paper with 5 circles on and I had to aim for these. I easily filled out the five small circles and let them dry out. After an hour I closed the paper, wrote my name on it, and put it in the attached envelope and posted it.  

Approximately a week after I got my results from Professor Philip Calder, who is a Professor of Nutritional Immunology within Medicine at the University of Southampton. Professor Calder specializes in Omega-3 fatty acids and he reviewed my blood test results. Below are his comments:

Fatty acids have been measured in JP’s red blood cells prior to beginning a period of daily use of omega-3 supplements and again after six months. The omega-3 fatty acid content of red blood cells – the fatty acids are in the membrane of the cells – is considered to be a good indicator of how much omega-3s are being eaten. The omega-3s of greatest interest are EPA and DHA. A higher intake of EPA and DHA, and so a greater content in red blood cells, is linked with better health, including heart health. This is because the amount of EPA and DHA in red blood cells mirrors the amount in tissues like the heart. Researchers have defined the omega-3 index as the combined amounts of EPA plus DHA in red blood cells and suggest that this index be used as an indicator of heart health, just like blood cholesterol or blood pressure might be used. An omega-3 index of 4 or below would be a cause for concern, while an index of 8 or above would be a good sign. 

JP’s first sample: the test gave an Omega-3 index of 5.9, above the threshold for concern. Although this indicated that JP has a fairly good intake of EPA and DHA, the index was below the threshold for optimal heart health (8.0).

JP’s second sample of 27/10/17: a sample was taken after three months of daily use of an Omega-3 supplement and it gave a result of an Omega-3 index of 7.2, a nice improvement. The improvement in JP’s Omega-3 index brings it much closer to the desired value of 8 and would be associated with improved heart health. A good result.

I find it very interesting to see that my Omega-3 index increased from 5,9 to 7,2. I am pleased that my experiment resulted in an increase but I am also wondering whether I should continue taking the cod liver oil supplements for a little longer to reach the ideal level of 8 on the scale.

So now you would ask yourself “do I feel and see a difference?”. To be honest, I have to say that I do not feel a difference inside my body, but the fact that it is scientifically proven that my Omega-3 index went up (meaning I have a better health) is something that I think is amazing. It was really easy to take the Seven Seas supplements to get my Omega-3 levels on track and I would suggest everyone do the same. However, if you are looking for visible, external signs of health improvement, then this might not be for you.

This is the first time I took supplements and actually got proven that they have a positive effect in my body. Usually, people take supplements and vitamins and have no clue if they have any effect on them or if it they need it at all.

I have been very excited during these 3 months with Seven Seas and, in the light of the results, it is something I would do again for a longer period like 6 months or one year. Let’s get our Omega-3 index on track!



Go get your fish oil and get ready to travel.


xx and safe travels

Julie Pallesen 

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