Unpack Beauty Happiness

My package has arrived!!! I was so excited to revived my beauty goodies from Goodbiebox.dk. When traveling around the world you need to be fully equipped with beauty products so you suddenly do not end up in a place without a lip balm, or face cream, or hair brush. Then I found Goodiebox, who take care of the things that I really need.
The concept of Goodiebox is that every month, they send a new selection of beauty products that are perfect for that month.
Now I have received my package from January which consist of:

  • Carmex hydrating lip balm – always necessary to carry in your bag
  • Balance Me face oil in travel size – perfect for my flights 
  • Cool Care dry brush – I brush my skin before entering the shower and this is the easiest way to boost circulation
  • Figs and Rouge night serum – to boost your skin with glow during your beauty sleep
  • GUM soft picks – very necessary on date nights
  • Sleek creme blush to give your cheeks some spring blossom color during the cold months
  • Comme Deux Face mask – a detoxifying mask that cleanses your skin while adding glow to it (and who don’t want that?!)

I am very excited to be using these products during my travels this month. Next up is Paris.

Click here if you want to get your own Goodiebox

In the post are pictures of my cute Goodiebox.


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 






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