Goodiebox for my travels

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Woop Woop. I got back to touch base in my apartment in London, where I spent too little time. I live between London and New York but my work with modeling and my blog takes my life to many different more

About Aurelia skincare…

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Have you heard or tried skincare products from Aurelia? Aurelia is probiotic skincare, which I had no idea what that really means. Well, I ahem investigated it a bit and now while testing the products too, I understand it. The products more

PARIS in February is about…

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I am currently in Paris and modeling, which means a lot of castings and go&sees. During the time I am “model off-duty”, I explore the city and discover cool chic brasseries, restaurants, and small hidden cafés. And when I am more

Get the style

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Combine dress and sweaters to make your look relaxed and chic. You can also tie the sweather around your waist like me on the picture above. Shop the look below:   Dress & Sweats: 1: Dress from Custommade 2: Red Sweater from Designers Remix 3: Black dress more