Cool people in My Fashionable Charity t-shirt “TakeMeToGB”

I am very happy and proud about my first project selling my own items and doing charity. My two fashionable traveling t-shirts are bought by people from all over the world. A part of the profit goes to the small non-profit organisation, Gadens Børn, who supports poor kids in India. So far we have raised 13.000 DKK, which I am so happy about.

Here is a recap of cool women around the world in my two charity t-shirts.
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Above is the Hungarian model, Livia Pillmann.

// Danish Actress and business woman, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller

// Danish model, Laura Bergh

// Danish Skincare guru, Mette Skjærbæk who is the founder of Karmameju 

// Danish actrice and business woman, Julie Zangenberg

// Austrian traveler 

//Health expert and editor-in-cheif of Fitliving magazine Denmark, Sara Jin Smidt, 

//NYC based stylist Stephanie Unter 

// South African Model, Alexa Corlett

// Danish mode, Cecilie Hartmann

//Icelandic model and DJ, Edda

// Danish blogger, Karoline Dall

// Danish Model, Regitze Christensen

// Swedish blogger, Madelene Billman

// Danish model, Amalie

// Danish Blogger, Frederikke

// Swedish blogger, Madelen Bilman

// Swedish Model, Chanel

// Bulgarian Model, Kristina Velkova

// Danish model, Cristina Mantas

// Danish blogger, Charlotte Caroline

// Danish blogger, Mie Kirstine

.. And Myself!


Help me, help others. Together we can make small changes in the world.



Julie Pallesen









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