About Aurelia skincare…

Have you heard or tried skincare products from Aurelia?
Aurelia is probiotic skincare, which I had no idea what that really means. Well, I ahem investigated it a bit and now while testing the products too, I understand it. The products by Aurelia are made of sure probiotic ingredients sourced from all over the world but gathered and made in Britain.
What probiotic ingredients does, is, that it activates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself while also boosting the natural process of restoring collagen and elastin (which is something we all want to have a young looking skin with not too many wrinkles;)

I am currently using the Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser, which is really easy to apply and it leaves your skin a bit glowy.  


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen


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