Goodiebox for my travels

Woop Woop. I got back to touch base in my apartment in London, where I spent too little time. I live between London and New York but my work with modeling and my blog takes my life to many different places too.

When arriving to my apartment in London I could see that my Goodiebox package has arrived too. Every month I receive a box with a variety of beauty-goodies from Goodiebox. They select different products for their subscribers to try and use for the month. Some of the brands I know I use already whereas some of the other brands are new.

This month I received:

  • A small “Hoola” blush from Benefit
  • A cute little refreshing eye creme from Origins.
  • A mask from Miqura
  • A lipgloss from Manna Kadar
  • A make-up palette from Laritzy.

I will stay in London for a few days and then my next adventure is going to Courchevel in France for skiing.

I will bring all my new beauty items with me so I can try and test them.

This is my favourite item in the Goodiebox. The Hoola blush from Benefit is great to mark your cheekbones.


Get your own Goodiebox here and get beauty happiness delivered to your doorstep every month.


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 

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