Why my home is wherever I travel

One thing that I have learned with all my travels is that it is important to make wherever you go feel like home, or at least cosy and familiar.

When you are always in and out of airplanes, and wake up in new hotel rooms or apartments in different locations, I find it important to have some familiarity with you. Otherwise you can get a bit lost or root less.

So in order to make me feel like home in almost everywhere I go, I have some items that I travel with me in my carry-on:

  • A picture of me and my fiancé and a picture with some of my girlfriends so I always feel like I have my close ones with me.
  • I bring candles and matches (also for Shabbat – this makes my mother very proud)
  • Five small stones that I have in my carry-on bag. The stones are giving me good energy. Each stone is serving a different energy; love, good energy, balance, health, and positive karma.
  • Then I have my travel socks, sleeping masks, mini electrical toothbrush, toothpaste, and beauty products that I always carry with on my flights.

Small things makes a difference…


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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