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I have lately discovered Aurelia Skincare, which is probiotic skincare. In the beginning I had no idea what that meant. Now I have been using Aurelia Skincare daily for 3 months and I have to say that I can see some positive changes in my skin. Even though I have been flying a lot it has not effected my skin like it does sometimes.
The products are easy to use and apply and the texture of the cremes and serums is very light and smooth. You get a glowy after-effect, which I love. The scent of the products is very neutral and has almost no smell. In that sense the products feels very natural, so if you have a sensitive skin these products are perfect for you.
I happy been really excited about the glow serum and their natural deodorant. The serum I use day and night just in between my tonic water and creme. I apply 3 drops to my hands and then massage it onto my face.
The deodorant is a creme too, which I just take a little bit of a apply it as a creme under the arms. It is really smooth and works great:)

Below are links to my favourite products from Aurelia skincare.

1: Glow Serum 

2: Day creme

3: Calming face mist

4: Bamboo Muslins

5: Deodorant

6: Hand Creme

I am currently in New York but heading to London tonight.


xx and Safe Travels and take care of your skin

Julie Pallesen

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