Tromborg Universe

One of my absolute favourite beauty brands is the Danish brand, Tromborg. Tromborg is a family-owned business and they have their headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The vision behind Tromborg is, that they are natural and organic. Marianne Tromborg – who founded Tromborg together with her two partners) goes by the philosophy “less is more“. All Tromborg products are easy to apply and starts out very light, but the more you play and add to it, the heavier look can you make.

I started using Tromborg products for about four years ago and I will never not use them. Because the products are natural and light, then my skin does not react in a negative way on them. The make-up is easy to remove and it does not leave any marks or redness, like many other brands does to me.

Below is a selection of my favourite Tromborg products:

My Copenhagen outfit: Munthe jacket, Chanel boots, and Dior bag. 


Have a wonderful weekend and Safe Travels. 

Julie Pallesen

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