Goodiebox brings beauty happiness to your doorstep

Another month of a lot of traveling to Lisbon, Courchevel, Paris, New York, London, and Copenhagen, has past. And I have now arrived back “home” to my apartment in London where my base of packing and unpacking is. It seems kind of insane, but I always have a luggage which I need to unpack. I usually do not spend more than four days here before taking off again. And many times it is less than four days before I am heading to the airport again.
When I am constantly in the go, I need to plan a lot in advance to make sure that I do not miss anything. One of the things that I love is that a lot of my online orders arrives to my doorstep. It is like small surprises coming to me 🙂
One of them is Goodiebox, which is a monthly delivery of beauty products. I love the fact that you know that the quality of the products Goodiebox choose is top but you still do not know exactly what to expect. 

This month, my Goodiebox is practically filled with a lot of my favourite products:

  • Full size of hair cure from Zenz, which is an organic hair care brand. I have used this hair mask several years ago, and I completely forgot about it. It is healthy for the hair and organic with the allergy certificate.
  • Full size of the Dragon’s Blood XXL Lip Plumper from Rodial, which I already use. This products is a lipgloss with vitamin E and baboa oil, which is nourishing for your lips.
  • Travel size of the parfum, called Le Parfum, from the French brand, Carven.
  • Full size of a hand creme from the Danish brand, Jorgobé.
  • Full size of the serum booster from Comme Deux. A great booster to get glowy skin, which is to be applied before creme.See pictures below of my Goodiebox and how pretty it is packed.



Have a lovely Easter Everyone!


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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