Milan with Away This Way

Last week I spent some days in one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan. I came for other reasons that the fashion even though I don’t mind all the amazing fashion stores all over.
One of the reasons I came was to visit one of my manufacturers for my travel brand that I am working on.

Away This Way will be my new travel brand producing our own travel products to your travels and also creating travel guides and tips. I have spent the past two years looking for the right manufacturers to produce my products. I have investigated the different markets options for manufacturing and in my opinion Italy is top. Italy is known for high quality, eye for details, and luxury.
I have met my agent for manufacturer in Italy in Paris several times as this was most convenient for us, but this time I came to Milan to meet him. The manufacturer is not located in Milan but elsewhere in Italy.
I will produce my own silk which will be made in Italy. I cannot wait to show you my silk products – they are going to be amazing!!!


Besides meetings with my manufacturers and looking at samples, fabrics, etc. etc. Then I also spent time at the Furniture Art Fair, which is the biggest furniture fair in the world. The whole city is transformed into one big furniture showroom. It was pretty amazing to see the city in the light of furniture and design.


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen in Milan

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