Beauty Bear Vitamins

Have you ever taken supplements that tasted like candy? Well, the thought about it to me was very interesting. With my curiosity about how supplements can taste yummy but still have a great effect was the reason why I did a collaboration with Beauty Bear Vitamins.
Beauty Bear Vitamins does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colorants, or preservatives. And they are 100% vegan – so why not give it a try?

I have tried the vitamins for the hair, nail, and tan. They are very different in the taste but all very delicious.

Hair Beauty Bear: Tastes like berries and are very delicious. This vitamin is high on zinc, biotin, and vitamin A. I could see an effect after a couple of weeks of taken these. My hair is thicker and stronger.

Nail Beauty Bear: Tastes like apples and are very tasty. These gummies are high on both horsetail, selenium, vitamin B6, and B12 which are to strengthen the nails. 

Tan Beauty Bear: Tastes like peach and it my favourite in terms of taste! This vitamin contains vitamin C, acerola and betacarotene, which is effective for tanning. The vitamins can prepare your skin for an effective and long lasting tan, while also protecting you from sunbrun. Take these a couple of weeks before you lie on your sun bed. 

Please take 2 bears as recommended on the package. One time I got crazy and forgot about the fact that they are heavy on vitamins because they tasted so good, which resulted in me eating way too many and had a stomach ache for hours. So remember, do not eat more than two bear gummies per package.

Go get your beauty bear vitamins and enjoy them!

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen




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