Rodial skincare summer musthave

I am obsessed with the UK based skincare brand, Rodial. The make innovative, cool, and effective products that my skin loves. Also, all the scents of the skincare products are just amazing!!
Rodial has a lot of different skin care lines which I mix and match during seasons as skin has different needs because of the weather. During dummer I like to boost my skin with moist and c-vitamin which is why I use vitamin C line and the Dragon’s Blood line which gives my skin all the hydration it needs. The sun can be very damaging for your skin so it is very important to take extra care so you can keep your skin looking young and bright.

Here are some of my favourite products I am travelling with for my Mykonos suitcase:

Rodial Dragon’s Blood mask – this one is super hydrating and you can leave it on over night and your skin will get all the moist it needs. I also use this on planes for my skin no to dry out.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood face cream with spf 15 – is super light and easy to use. It has sun protection which is a necessity during summer months.

Rodial Vitamin C cleansing pads – Are amazing. This is a great way to easy clean your face morning and evening or before going out at night and you do not want to make a big hassle out of it but you still need to get the dirt from the day off. They are easy to use and will be your new favourite product.

Rodial Vitamin C mask – is great if you want to give yourself that extra treat. You apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing off. Your skin will be left looking brighter and your skin feeling much softer. I use this 2 a week.



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