New Wonder product from Rodial – Booster Drops

As you might already have noticed, I am obsessed with skincare products and I do everything I can to keep my skin as clean and glowy as possible.
One of my favourite skincare brands are the UK-born brand, Rodial.
Rodial’s products are effective and beneficial for my skin and all their scents are sooooo good.
I always use serum on my skin day and night. I apply serum after tonic water and before my creme.
Rodial’s newest addition to their skincare line are their Serum Booster Drops. Booster Drops have been scientifically developed, focussing on one highly concentrated ingredient to tackle specific skin concerns. I am currently using it 3 times a week to boost my skin with extra glow. There are two different Rodial Serum Booster Drops; Glycolic drops and Retinol drops.
The glycolic drops is a serum with naturally-derived acid, which has benefits like helping to slough away the dead skin and boost with glow. Glycolic acid helps to boost the skins collagen production while reducing wrinkles.
The retinol drops are serum made of 10% retinol. Retinol is a form of A vitamin which is the best vitamin for your skin. Retinol has the benefits of actively stimulating collagen and will restore and strengthen the evenness of the skin.

Get your own Rodial Serum Drops and try the magic yourself. 

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Julie Pallesen

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