Beauty Bear in Sri Lanka

I am currently in Sri Lanka and in my luggage I always have some random essentials with me. Besides my books, candles, and big skin care products I also travel with Beauty Bear vitamins. I have been taking these vitamins for some months now, and I really see a difference. My hair and nails have become much stronger and now I am addicted to them. I travel with them everyone and even to Sri Lanka.

I like to take them in the afternoon as a little sweet treat and these yummy gymmies are so tasty. Take 2 of each vitamin per day and you will see a difference in a couple of weeks.
Beauty Bear Vitamins comes in 4 different variations; Tan, Nails, Hair, and Skin. I take all of them, because I just love them!!!

The Beauty Bear for Nails have ingredients inside to nourish for your nails and get them stronger. B12 and B6 are among the ingredients inside these gummies.

The Beauty Bear for Hair vitamins are filled with biotin and acerola with gives strength to your hair.

The Beauty Bear for Skin includes vitamin A and ceramides that are beneficial for a soft and event skin texture.

The Beauty Bear for Tan has acerola and betacarotene which is effective to increase the tan.

All the different variations tastes delicious. They are all different in flavour but sweet like a treat.


From Sri Lanka with Love 
Julie Pallesen

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