My Favourite Natural Make-up Brands

I am obsessed with taking good care of my skin and I try to stick to as natural make-up as possible. I find the natural make-up less greasy and thick than other “normal” make-up brands. The natural make-up products are easy for the skin both to apply and to clean off. My skin does not break-out or react badly in the same way as before when I was not using natural make-up products.
When I am on photoshoot they usually do not use natural make-up brands but I see that more and more are getting in to it, which I love!

Years back there were not many brands on the market but the past years I have discovered many amazing natural skincare brands from all over the world. But I have to say as a proud Dane, that we have some amazing natural-make-up brands from Denmark.

Tromborg, Kjær Weis, and Miild Make-up are 3 Danish brands that I love to use. The American brand, RMS Beauty is also one of my favourites that I use together with the other 3 brands.
I like to mix different brands and customise my own make-up bag with the favourite products from each brand.

Below are my favourite products from the brands:

// Tromborg
Is such an amazing brand and I adore their universe and design. Their blushes and multi stick pens are musts for me!

//Miild Make-up:
Is another great natural make-up brand which is quite new and founded by to make-up artists who where both allergic to “normal” make-up. Therefore they created clean make-up which is even eco-certified. 
I love their bronzer and blushes. I use them for my cheeks and eyes.

//Kjaer Weis:
Is another amazing natural make-up brand a lot of her products are creamy and easy to use. 
Her packaging is stunning too – metal hardware! So cool. The only down side of that is that I always gets stopped in the airport when I have KjærWeis in my carry-on as metal is not the best friend with the scanning machine… 🙂

//RMS Beauty: 
A super cool and well-known make-up brands by make-up artists around the world. Their creamy “Master Mixer” and “Magic Luminizer” are musts!!!!


In my leopard top from and only wearing natural make-up.



Julie Pallesen 

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