Dreamy Hotel Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle in Sri Lanka

I spent some amazing days at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle in the South of Sri Lanka. Anantara Tangalle is a 5-star resort providing everything you can wish for. I stayed here for 3 nights and I wish I could have stayed longer.

The Hotel:
Anantara Tangalle is located in the southern part of Sri Lanka and is about 4 hours from Colombo, the international airport of Sri Lanka.
The resort has 120 rooms and 32 villas. If you stay in a villa then you have a private butler taking care of you 24/7.When staying at this peaceful, beautiful resort you feel bliss and calm. Your mind can relax while your body is in paradise. Everywhere you look is beautiful and the resort is taking good care of.

Anantara Tangalle opened in December 2015 and has 300 employees where most of the employees are from the local towns close to Tangalle.

The resort is sustainable in the way that they have their own rice markets and vegetable farms. They grow their own supplies that you eat in the restaurants at the hotel. So a lot of the ingredients used in the food menu are coming from their own farms – it does not get more local than this?! And the ingredients that they do not grow themselves, yet, they get from local farmers.

The hotel is located in a beautiful nature where more than 37 different types of butterflies lives and you will also see peacocks, squirrels, butterflies, and many other animals when walking around the property.

You will never get bored while staying at Anantara Tangalle as they have so many different activities suitable for whatever your needs are.

If you like to do active sports, you can either go to the fitness or reserve the badminton or tennis course. Or you can play table tennis or explore the forest. If you are traveling with kids the kids’ club might be something you are interested in.

Moreover the hotel provides yoga classes everyday.
If you want to relax you can book one of the many treatments at the spa. The spa is stunning and the staff are very helpful to find the suitable treatment for you.
I had the amazing experience of trying Ayurveda for my first time. Firstly, I had a 30 min. consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor who made a quick health check and then she took my pulse and blood pressure. The meaning behind Ayurveda is life and longevity. It focuses on how your body needs to be in balance. There are 3 different energy levels where the aim is to have them all in balance. If you have imbalance then one is dominating and then oils, treatments, and food can help reaching the balance.My dominating dosa is “Vata” which is air. The effects of this on my body is dry skin, thin hair, cold hands and feet, and many others.
Following the Ayurvedic consultation I had a 90 min. massage with an Ayurvedic oil that stimulates the balance for my body. There are specific points that needs to be stimulated which for me are parts of the stomach, legs, lower back, head, and shoulders.
This was a truly amazing experience that I can highly recommend for everyone visiting Anantara Tangalle.

If you want to do activities outside the resort you can go on a safari. I went and this has been my first time ever doing a safari. I had to wake up at 4:30 and was picked up at 5AM to drive 1 hour away to Udawalawe National Safari. I saw the most beautiful sunrise while driving into the safari park.
I was sitting in an open jeep with a driver and a safari guide who explained about all the animals and the park. I got to see elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, peacocks among many others. They have 23 leopards, 1000 crocodiles, and 550 elephants. It was so beautiful to see animals up close and in wild nature.
I can highly recommend this activity, especially if you have never done safari.

If you are into food and wine then you can sign up for Spice Spoon which is their cooking class. Here you will be guided by one of the chefs at Anantara Tangalle. The chef will take you on the food market and then back to the hotel where you will cook your own Sri Lankan dishes.
El Vino is the wine tasting which I did not have time for but I would love to explore it another time.

The hotel provides three different restaurants; an international cuisine restaurant, Japanese/Sri Lankan fusion restaurant, and a Japanese. The Japanese restaurant was under construction while I was there so I explored the two others.
The international restaurant is where there is being served a breakfast buffet in the morning. The buffet consists of everything from fresh juices and fruit, to gluten-free cakes and eggs any style. You sit on the terrace while enjoying the view of the beach. In the evening the restaurant is an Italian restaurant serving the Italian classic dishes like you know them.
The Japanese-Sri Lankan fusion restaurant, named Verala, was my absolute favourite and some of the best food I have ever had. They have transformed Sri Lankan street food dishes into high-end courses with an Asian touch to it. “Hoppers” which is a traditional Sri Lankan course was my favourite!! The food has a lot of spices and flavour which is what I love.

The hotel is stunning and secluded. You feel very far from civilisation as you are surrounded by forest and ocean. The staff at the hotel are very accommodating by all your needs and wants to give you the best experience during your stay, which is something you really feel while staying there.

I can highly recommend visiting Anantara Tangalle if you are traveling with your partner or family. It is a perfect honeymoon spot if you are about to plan this. You can stay 3 nights or one week without getting bored.





//Spa Menu

In Underprotection jumpsuit and Heidi Klein beach bag

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// Sunrise on the way to safari park


// Safari outfit from Rabens Saloner


// Safari






Thanks for a wonderful stay Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle – I cannot wait to come back.


xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen 

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