Natura Bisse Cocoon collection

I was in New York for the launch of the new collection from one of my favourite skincare brands, Natura Bisse. the company is from Spain and family owned. The are constantly developing new skincare products and are very concerned about the environment and present time that we live in.
Living in big cities with a lot of pollution has its downside for the skin. Natura Bisse has researched on this and as and outcome of this they have just launched their new collection, The Cocoon Collection. The Cocoon Collection consists of 3 products, with more to come, and they are helping the skin becoming protected from pollution.
I have tried the 3 products; cleanser, serum, and a mist. They are all very light and easy to use. The cleanser is recommended to be used twice a week, the serum can be used together with your serum, and the mist is a carry-on item that you shall keep in your bag and use when you are in polluted cities.

The reality is, there is an invisible world that surrounds us. A world containing pollutant particles, gases and heavy metals that is illuminated by the blue light emitted by all digital devices. This invisible world has a highly visible impact on our skin; we cannot hide from it, but we can protect ourselves against it and we have a responsibility in front of us to educate people on this new reality and make them realize the importance of protecting their skin against blue light and modern pollution to keep their skin healthy and radiant.

The Cocoon Collection from Natura Bisse is taking action upon this fact which they believe will become and increasing problem in the world.

I really enjoy using the products but so far it is too soon for me to see the results. But I will keep you posted.
But I love the idea of protecting your skin from external factors. It is important to keep it clean and protected. 

// The Cocoon Collection

Hello from New York City with Natura Bisse.


Julie Pallesen

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